Friday, July 27, 2012

Review: Yesterday's Tomorrow by Ceri Hebert

Yesterday's Tomorrow

by Ceri Hebert

Other than being speechless with a wide smile, I can only muster one word to start.....


This single sort story would absolutely rate at the top of my “read and loved” list. I first must clarify that I am personally very happy where I am in my own life but as a true diehard romance fan, stop and think for just a moment. Can you even imagine what kind of opportunity it would be to be in your 40's and get a “do-over”? In Lila's case, it was basically out of her control but a total godsend. Okay I admit, if I woke up one morning in my 23-year-old body, I might likely blow a gasket. However, it was the perfect opportunity for Lila to fix the mundane life she had ultimately settled for. Stability, success, companionship, but love? Happiness?

The author did an amazing job “flipping” the main character into her past. She totally had me hooked. It was very well written and flowed smoothly. It tested Lila's mind to have to remember what she did and who she knew 21 years ago but I applaud Lila for having the nerve to take a chance. The connection she first had with Colin was believable enough I was sure that would be her future but then there's Aaron. The best friend. Who would ever suspect the best friend?  The very guy who's shoulder you cry on when you've just lost a job or had advances from a guy you thought you wanted til you had them. A guy you'd lost complete contact with but proved to be a most important part of your past. Who better to fall in love with than the man you know better than any other. I also loved how the author gave you brief glimpses into the possible future paths Lila would take depending on who she touched. This was such a great story that it made me want to Google Ceri Herbert for other books she has written to run out and purchase!! I highly recommend you do the same, run out and grab this great read with both hands @!@ ~ Krista Ames, Author

Available now at Still Moments Publishing and Amazon !!

Review: Christmas Treats 2: Santa's Nice List

Christmas Treats 2: Santa's Nice List

Still Moments Publishing Christmas Anthology 2011

What a great anthology written by three great authors.  I love Romance, especially Romance set at Christmas time and this anthology didn't disappoint in any way. 

 The first story, Mistletoe Accomplished by Maggie Devine was definitely “devine”!  This story had me hooked right away.  Curtis and Lauren fought so well from the beginning it was bound to be a perfect match but there was still the restaurant chef conflict that kept me as a reader guessing how things would turn out. Could he risk her finding out it was him that ruined her career?  Could she really hate him for what he had unintentionally done to her?  Who knew there was love to be found after being run off the road and then a mistletoe kiss to seal the deal.  Ms. Devine made her characters genuine and believable and this is a very well written story!  Love it!

In the second story Redford Falls #1:  Chocolate Kisses by Darlene Fredette, it couldn't have been any more sweet!  Candy runs the family candy store and has promised a Santa appearance with no Santa?  And then there's the small thing of needing a  financial miracle to keep that business running.  Perfect time for the love of her life to re-appear without warning.  I love this story because it is totally believable, starting with a wedding the groom doesn't remember being in to being roped in to playing Santa.  Or Candy still being in love with him and she never told anyone about him or that they were still married?  Jackson Frost and Candace Cane stole my heart and I love how he used the excuse of still being her husband to be able to help her keep her businesses.  Great great job Ms. Fredette, and I'll say it again, I love this story and I am excitedly looking forward to Redford Falls #2 coming December 2012.

Now for the third story, The Santa Drag by Liv Rancourt.  The author did an awesome job with bringing these characters to life and what a totally original idea.  Who would ever think, a woman in a Santa suit?  Every mall or sidewalk Santa I’ve ever seen has always been a man but who ever said a woman can't do anything a man can do.  This was truly a wonderfully written story!  I've always been a sucker for a happy ending and there's no better way than finding your first true love.  Mackenzie and Joe found each other again much by accident and a little embarrassment but made it work after all!  Kudos Liv Rancourt, I loved it !!

Please don't ask me to pick my favorite out of these three short stories because I just can't do it.  They were all a bit different but great each in their own way!  I would highly recommend this Christmas anthology even on the hottest day in the middle of summer !!  ~ Krista Ames, Author

Available now at Still Moments Publishing and Amazon !