Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Soul Mates: Bewitched by Elizabeth A. Lance

Soul Mates: Bewitched
Elizabeth A. Lance

I swear I can't say enough about this series. When the first book came out, Soul Mates: Scent, I absolutely loved it. See my review here. I didn't want that book to end so I hoped for a second and when this one appeared, I jumped at the chance to read it. This is my new favorite YA series !!!
Ms. Lance has an unbelievable talent for creating strong dynamic characters and I had a blast following the journey of Antony and the lovely spitfire Jillian. The attraction between these two was evident from the first time they saw each other along with Tony's need to protect. I love all the new power he is able to harness along with handling his Dream visions, his meditation visits with Anca and finding out what really happened with his father.
It was also great to see a huge role for Max in this book as well. He was definitely my favorite in the first book and I love seeing how his life continues with his wife Anna and their growing family. It is amazing the depth at which he is involved in not just fighting the Unseelie with Tony and the Guardians but also being able to handle his role as Prince of Light and Illusion and all that it entails.
They all definitely found themselves in one or two sticky situations and the mystery and intrigue kept me hooked til the very end!
I'll say it again...this is my favorite YA paranormal series !! I'm desperately hoping it doesn't end here either. Keeping my fingers crossed that Elizabeth continues to weave this wonderful tale of the Fae and shapeshifters :)
Again, I willingly recommend this book to all paranormal romance loves, YA or not.
I definitely give this book my 5 leaves!!

Both books available now at Amazon !!


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