Saturday, July 6, 2019

Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling. Check out Bella Andrews's story, Shadow Walker #SoulsandShadows #PNR

Including Shadow Walker
by Bella Andrews

Using her magic can save an innocent life, but if she gets caught, her own will be forfeit.

Andie Ward is the last in a powerful line of witches who descent from Ireland's ancient goddesses. But since Hunters killed her grandmother, Andie's training and magic use have been forbidden, lest she too be hunted and killed.

But when a Cherokee dreamwalker learns her secret and blackmails her into helping him save his brother, she's damned either way. If she helps, she might get caught. If she doesn't, he'll out her as a witch. And that means certain death now that the same hunters who killed her Grandma Bean are out for her blood.

With life and love on the line, Andie must find the power she promised and defeat the coming darkness or her magic will die...and so will she.

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