Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: When It's Least Expected by Heather Van Fleet

When It’s Least Expected
Heather Van Fleet
When It's Least Expected wasn't at all what I expected but it is what the title says, 'when it's least expected', you read a book that throws you completely! I didn't used to be a YA reader but I am truly and thoroughly hooked. As an author, i know the feeling of that nail-biting pulling-your-hair-out having to wait for a review , not knowing if the reader will like it but our author, Heather Van Fleet shouldn't ever have to worry about this one again. 
What a great story and I loved Harley !!! I also truly believe that surfer boy Mason is her perfect match! ( my daughter would seriously be crushing on him :) The characters in When It's Least Expected were definitely well developed with depth, personal character and conflict. This story touched on alot of issues, a steady mix of that high school love/hate drama and actually what teenagers go through on a daily basis in their lives. Cause let me tell you, having a high schooler myself, lord knows I know drama. Ms. Van Fleet knocked this one out of the park for sure !
I hesitate to say too much because I want other readers to experience and fall in love with the book themselves instead of getting all the good stuff here but I will say that this story is now taking top ranks in my favorite YA books and i really hope that book 2 doesn't take too long.....
Heather, you ROCK !!! (oh and I LOVE the cover :))
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Highly deserving of my 5 leaves !!

 (I was given this book in return for an honest review)

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